northern way of saying yes (WAY NORTH OF LONDON AS IN NEWCASTLE !!)
Aye im fine thanks
Beküldő: DirkDiggler 2003. április 5.
A word that Sydney's Northern Beaches bogans use at the end of every sentence on facebook.

They think it is pronounced 'a'... when infact the correct pronouciation is 'eye'.

The correct spelling they should be using is 'eh?'
Haven't left the Peninsula in 20 years aye?
Beküldő: Cate. 2011. július 1.
scottish slang word for yes
"Aye Jimmy your right there"
Beküldő: Paul Michael 2007. január 14.
Belfast slang for 'yes'.
Randomer1:"You gona stab me?"
Beküldő: Tentatio 2008. július 27.
A Scottish slang word for yes!
Pete: You gonnae gi's a gobble?
Mel: Aye course!
Beküldő: Midge07 2005. augusztus 11.
The way New Zealanders incorrectly spell "eh", "ae", " ay " , and " a" because they are quite isolated and stupid
" sweet as aye"

Translation: " sweet as (it is very good) eh?"
Beküldő: friend of the devils sister's 2014. március 13.
A commonly used adlib, used by rapper O.J Da Juiceman.

4 out of every 10 words in his lyrics is the word "Aye".
"Quarter brick, half a brick, whole brick, Aye

Aye, Aye, Aye, Ok.
Beküldő: DJ Lotto 2009. szeptember 29.

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