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A person who thinks that everything is going to be awesome
Are you a pesimist or an optimist? Neither, I'm an awesomist.
Beküldő: Mrthingy 2009. május 4.
someone who's job is to be awesome.
john green; writer, vlogger, awesomist.
Beküldő: facilitate my downfall 2011. szeptember 28.
aw-suh MIST


1. An awesomist, not optimist or pessimist

2. A person who holds the belief or doctrine of awesomism

See awesomism
Kimbo Slice is an awesomist, so she always sees the outcome ending in awesome.
Beküldő: JeepinJohnny 2016. március 16.
better than awesome but still related
wow! you are hacking awesomist!!!!!!!!!!!
Beküldő: Julia~Gulia 2007. október 23.
A person who is the definition of the word "Awesome". Basically cool in several different ways and defies people's expectations
That dude is an awesomist
via giphy
Beküldő: therealawesomist 2016. május 12.
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