The bad-a**ness that lives in all people except the few exceptions: the lying lawyers, the Barney boobys, and anyone else who says god's name in vain or cusses when they are not drugged or so drunk that they... you don't wanna know.
"Hey dude I know you have an awesome girlfriend and all but please don't do her in the park."
Beküldő: Dinoreaper 2011. december 8.
Majestic like a mountain.
1. Mr. Kriss you are Awesome.

2. I am majestic???
Beküldő: littleman123 2011. február 13.
Being spectacular, amazing, or jus phenomenal... Examples are The caulk team of 2014, the German soccer team, Queso, etc.
Wow I can't believe how awesome these underwear are
Beküldő: Lizzardhunter 2014. július 13.
Rainbow Dash.
I know, its gonna be, So.. AWESOME!
Beküldő: TotallyNotABrony 2013. november 9.
To be significantly greater than the other. Great, Better, Nice. Word or expression that means a positive significance
Hans is more awesome than Marrielle
Beküldő: hans94 2011. május 14.
everything! also it is something without anything wrong or bad about it
dude, this box is awesome!
Beküldő: kickassmcgee 2011. május 6.
Amazing cool, a word to describe something that you like.
Catherine and Dominique are awesome!
Beküldő: ManPlease,I'mCoolerThanYou.;* 2011. április 20.

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