inspiring awe, also used to describe something epic.
'Hey look! What an awesome Stefan!'
Beküldő: dali95x 2012. február 18.
1) Worthy of awe
2)) cool or amazing

Synonyms: Cool, Amazing
Antonyms: Lame, Uninteresting, Boring
1) Three Days Grace's album Life Starts Now is awesome!
2) That's awesome.
Beküldő: LifeIsNotLovedByAll 2014. december 26.
Dinosaurs are Awesome!
Beküldő: The Sayer_I say things 2014. október 9.
Prussia is awesome.
Beküldő: qedrftgyu 2014. szeptember 20.
Being spectacular, amazing, or jus phenomenal... Examples are The caulk team of 2014, the German soccer team, Queso, etc.
Wow I can't believe how awesome these underwear are
Beküldő: Lizzardhunter 2014. július 13.
Pronunciation - Aw-SUM

Adjective - (1) Likely to fail at routine things a normal human being would be able to accomplish

I launched myself into a wall trying to get back into bed. My awesomeness knows no bounds.

I'm so awesome, I just paid full price for a textbook and found out that I only need to read one chapter.
Beküldő: DaGingerbreadMan 2014. január 23.
Rainbow Dash.
I know, its gonna be, So.. AWESOME!
Beküldő: TotallyNotABrony 2013. november 9.

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