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The amount of available ass worthy of pursuit in any situation
"Dude, look at all these chicks, and they're all available, this party has great assmosphere"
#ass #assmosphere #tail #booty #chicks #available #party #action #mall #girls #free
Beküldő: Ham dogg 2007. augusztus 23.
When an ass is so large it has its own atmosphere (assmosphere)
Her/His ass is so big it has its own assmosphere.
#ass #bum #backside #buttocks #ass checks
Beküldő: adamayersrock 2009. október 8.
1.) The puff of stale flatulent air trapped in upholstery or foam that is released when the victim sits in the chair holding the stale flatulence.

2.) The waft of air that is released when a trash bag is sealed.
There was some serious assmosphere when I sat in Milton's office chair.

The trash's assmosphere is still lingering hours after I took the trash out.
#trash #smell #stench #stink #fart #gas #flatulence
Beküldő: Talon2DSO 2009. július 21.
the area about which one's ass exists
When we were dancing, he got too close to my assmosphere.
Beküldő: Justin and Molly 2005. május 14.
The unpleasant aura or "vibe" that accompanies the presence of an irritating, ignorant, small-minded person.
WOW! That guy's assmosphere totally ruined the party for all of us.
#bad vibe #offensive attitude #negative aura #grating manner #bad manners
Beküldő: Charles Gambetta 2007. október 11.
the aroma left in the room by someone that has cleared is colon area of excess air.fart
The elevator was crowded, and more people got in, regardless of the assmosphere left by an unidentified rider.
Beküldő: english prof. 2004. április 20.
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