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noun used by Steven Stifler from American Pie 1 & 2, and American Wedding. It's similiar to a person who likes gapage (anal sex) or anything inserted into their rectum.
"Happy Fuck Day, Assmo!" - Stifler
Beküldő: Becka Contreras 2004. június 22.
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An invader of a bovine anal cavity.
"Man Eli your such a assmo"
Beküldő: Tim Cordova 2004. február 10.
someone who likes things insertded into there ractom or another name for deushbag, basically.
That guy is such an assmo
Beküldő: Derock 2004. május 29.
n. A person who inserts foriegne objects into a cows anal cavity.

v. Using force to give a cow anal pleasure.
n. "You are such an assmo Eric"

v. "Did you try to assmo him John"
Beküldő: Scott Tyler 2004. február 12.

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