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a scotsman who thinks your an ass
scotsman: oh you bloody asscot, go fuk a lamb!
some american: word
Beküldő: the asscot 2006. március 24.
A hick word for the meaning of the word tired
I threw firewood all day, my asscot tired.
Beküldő: Bilf n Boo 2005. augusztus 25.
1. A piece of ass one keeps as a pet.

2. A sexual partner who likes to do it doggy-style.
Your boyfriend seems quite obedient.
He's not my boyfriend, he's my asscot. Come here, boy!

I just gave my asscot a copy of the Kama Sutra, see if he gets some new ideas...
Beküldő: Jay Bee 2007. október 24.