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someone with no talent
1)Michael Bolton is a no talent assclown.
Beküldő: Jonnyboy88 2006. december 27.
45 47
A reject of society, one who lives in the shadows of his imagination, a failure when judge even by his peers
Ass Clown: see Austin Dooley
Beküldő: The Truth ALR 2010. szeptember 13.
0 3
an ass clown is someone who is normally male, they are full of aids. an ass clown is easily amused by cheap ipod apps. they usually spend their time facebook creeping, smoking cigarettes or just simply being an asshole. normally goes by the name of Mike or Joey
person #1; "i am an ass clown"

person #2; "yes, yes you are"
Beküldő: canadatarj 2010. július 25.
1 4
a talentless, overly dramatic hack who pretends to know it all and wants to it off.
that no talent ass clown is a black hole of time.
Beküldő: betherz 2010. május 13.
0 3
Someone who wastes the time of two or more people due to their inability to see what is obvious to the other two.
Joe just didnt get it, what an ass clown.
Beküldő: Craid Smash 2003. július 11.
23 26
Ass Clown is basically a cross between an ass hole and a clown. Members of Dirty Sanchez and JackAss are good examples of ass clowns.
I saw that guy trying to spray his mate with mace for fun. What a fucking ass clown.
Beküldő: K2fatbob 2010. március 20.
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USNA FD Training Chief
Guy 1: Wow John is such an ass clown

Guy 2: really i always thought of him more as a ball bag
Beküldő: Fireman27 2009. december 30.
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