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a nice girl, quiet, friendly, farts like a man, fat,a person who smells like shit, also known as a stinkbomb, looks like a troll doll, and has yellow teeth, smelly, and ugly
Ex 1.
Kayla: Ew do you smell that
Lexa: God Its Ashley she needs a plug up her ass

Ex 2
Bob: that chick is hot
Bill: hah you know thats ashley right
Bob: ahh ew
Beküldő: tacosftwbro 2011. augusztus 19.
A great sharer, especially of eggnog smoothies.
I'm thirsty. I'm going to go find Ashley.
Beküldő: Sunset Mango 2011. április 7.
a selfish bitch with many issues who, when jealous, tries to make fun of people and save any small amount of dignity she is capable of having
ashley: you aren't as smart or cool as me

girl: i shoulda known you were a bitch when i found out your name
Beküldő: NobodySpecial101 2011. február 13.
the biggest bitch anyone will ever know. fuckin fake ass mother fucker. ugly ass bitch. shit shit shit shit head. ugly. talks about people and acts really fake. bitch bitch. ugly. gonna end up pregnant or some shit. stay away from her, if you know what's good for you. (:
that chick is a bitch, her name must be ashley.
Beküldő: flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy77 2011. július 30.
A closet freak whose milkshake brings all the boys to the yard.

Ashleys like to emphasize text messages by adding as many ;] as possible

An Ashley is a horrible joke teller and often kills jokes. Most Ashley's are asians and have huge dino toes. Ashleys often have braces until the are 52
How are you feeling today Ashley?

Hmm I dont know kind of horny
Beküldő: HKblindlova24 2010. november 23.
stupid ass slut who wont except she is still in love with cullen, super skinny needs to eat more
Jake: Ashley you still want him!

Ashley: No i do not!

Everyone else: Yeah you do...

Ashley: :/
Beküldő: the man874 2010. október 4.
A person with the name of Ashley most likely looks overweight and chunky, although their physical appearance may make them look attractive cuz of their chest, girls named Ashley are mostly just self-centered, attention loving whores who resemble that of a pig
I dumped my Girlfriend cuz she was acting like Ashley
Beküldő: John Simmonstein 2011. április 14.