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A area south Asheville NC. Rivals to the fuck faces across the river living in Biltmore Park/Skyland area.
Screw the McShell lets go down to Arden and rape Boones' Corner!
Beküldő: coolpeople77 2010. augusztus 14.
18 41
another name for hummus.
Person 1: would you care for some arden?
Person 2: :O id looove some its my favourite food!
Beküldő: janiceyourghost 2007. március 17.
52 84
A half sized hooker with a giant chode that isnt able to jack off due to being too fat.
Wow that kid is SO arden!
Beküldő: balla!12321 2009. december 15.
37 96
Lover of who are man whores
arden loves them man whores
Beküldő: dam truth 2004. december 5.
58 121