Great girl, can be sneaky, and a little annoying, but great! She has a huge rate of confidence she believes in anything she can do! Very nice, and generous and thinks about other people! Can be a little edgy but only in periods of her life when major things are happening. Very suburban and loves the country and animals. Horses, chickens, sometimes even lives on a farm if the parents are the same way.
Person 1: Did you hear about that girl who just got a farm?
Person 2: No, but she's definitely an Amy!
#confident #suburban #country #loves animals #generous
Beküldő: lizrockingon 2013. május 23.
Belongs in a mental institution.
That b*tch is psyco and not in no good way. Don't be an amy.
#psyco #mental #whore bag #split personalities #desperate
Beküldő: notragdahaahaaha 2013. október 26.
Someone v. awesomeishh (:
oh, Oh, OH; She's so 'Amy'.
#cool #amy #awesome #rad #sexy
Beküldő: Amy (: 2008. augusztus 25.
The name of the woman who I have given my heart to! The one whose soft touch, sweet voice, captivating eyes, whose beauty can not be measured by mere words, amazing smile, drop dead sexy good looks, thoughtfulness, does the little things that matter the most, would almost cause bodily injury to herself just so I good hear a favorite song, who let's me rock out to the 90's with her, who would actually love my crazy self, who makes me feel so comfortable that I can totally be myself (even when I am eating cereal), the one that I feel that I have known forever, the one that takes all feelings and sensations I have to a whole new level, how when I look into her enchanting eyes the rest of the world disappears, the one who totally rocks my face off, the woman who had the guts to pursue me, the one that I was willing to put a sign on my body for (and it happened so quick she didn't even get to see it), the one that makes me unbelievably happy! This is Amy, the one. Love with all my being!
Amy is amazing
#love #beauty #thoughtful #sweet #the one
Beküldő: ryanmca 2010. május 14.
An Amy is the essence of a love that is hard to catch and harder to hold but easy to appreciate. Although a Libra may catch her eye, her heart lies with Capricorn. The Aquarius Amy is smart, strong, independent and willful but she is also tender and kind. The love of an Amy is a lifetime love. The love of an Amy is worth fighting for and, more importantly, it is worth waiting for. The kiss of an Amy can heal an ailing heart but it is elusive and must be earned. An Amy is not easily impressed, especially with worldly or material things. Her devotion is earned through selfless acts of love that come from the heart. An Amy is a rare life form and her essence will intoxicate the souls of the fortunate few who truly experience her.
Amy makes my life worth living
#ethereal #spiritual #love #peace of mind #well-being #elusive
Beküldő: Dreetie 2011. február 23.
A sweetheart. One of the best people to hang out with. She is incredably gorgeous, and she's a home girl for life. Once she is your friend you won't wanna lose her. You trust her with anything you say. She is brutaly honest, but you know she will always be there for you. She Is one chill ass chick and she will always have your back.
You: I wish My friend was like Amy!
Me: My friend is an Amy(:
#hot #smart #home girl #chill as hell #beautiful
Beküldő: babyye675 2012. február 24.
An extremely beautiful girl who is always happy and makes others feel happy as well. An extraordinary girl in many ways. A kind, loving, strong, smart, funny, passionate and just plain awesome girl.
1. "Man i wish i had an Amy for my own."

2. "Holy crap, that girl must be an Amy!"

3. Girl 1: "I could be the next Amy!"

Girl 2: "You wish."
#amy #amwhy #amazing #loving #beautiful #awesome
Beküldő: Rispoppa 2010. december 17.
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