Kind giving person who knows how to put a smile on any ones face
#giving #happy #beautiful #kind #amazing
Beküldő: curiousgirl 2011. június 13.
sometimes a goody to shoes, has long beautiful brown hair, brown sparky eyes, big azz, medium breasts, can be a bitch when she wants to, a teachers pet, and loves to hang out with her friends!
person 1: hey its alisa
person 2: how do you know?
person 1: cause she is beautiful with long brown hair and brown eyes, and look she kissin' up to the teacher
person 2: of yah duh!
#beautiful #brown #eyes #long #big azz #and bitchy
Beküldő: wanna be alisa 2011. december 2.
a very hot young woman, with gorgeous long brown hair and beautiful eyes, she can be a bit of a bitch and crazy at times but thats what turns people on to her to her even more. so pretty pretty pretty, there will soon be a kiss alisa day; everyone kiss an alisa you know. you defenitaly want to!
alisa is hot.
Beküldő: prettyprettypretty 2004. január 29.
A girl who is the best of the best.
Wow look at that Alisa I am so jelly...
#jelly #annoyed #butt #hi #bored
Beküldő: Jazmataz03 2015. február 20.
Alisa is a very crazy funny girl
She has big feet
She has dark brown hair and eyes
She thinks she the shit
She has lots of gas
She is sexy
Everyone wants to be like her sometimez
She likes corn
Alisa is weird
Damn i wanna bang that alisa, she looks smokinnn hot ya

fucking alisa over there damn giving me a boner
#alisa #feet #funny #girl #tall #sexy
Beküldő: minkaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 2012. március 20.
alisa is the name that someone you wanna meet, she's always there for you sometime staring at you, always smiling and someone you wanna hangout with
alisa is life, alisa is love -kanye west 2020
Beküldő: juan (totally my real name) 2016. január 27.
Crazy as hell and is the biggest bitch you'll ever meet
Dude Alisa is a huge bitch.
Beküldő: Bogardd12 2016. április 22.
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