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1.Candy that is streched like taffy, but harder and shorter.

2.can be sexual=A Man's Penis. Representing a small penis, unless stretched.
"I love air heads, they taste so good"
"I know! Best candy on EARTH!"

"I bet he has an air head for a Penis!"
"I like sucking on air heads"
Beküldő: breezyboo123123 2009. február 9.
4 5
ditzy, doesnt get simple jokes, no common sense. I love itttt. (:
ALI HUNT SIMS. my best frienddddd is such an airhead.
Beküldő: lynnardddd 2008. április 3.
5 6
sweet ass movie with sweet ppl, cool music, and the best insults
i love airheads
Beküldő: rhcpgod 2003. augusztus 13.
16 19
someone who seems never have anything going on up in her/his nogan
morgan hicks and alex groome are 100% complete air head
Beküldő: allu jabjhbf 2008. március 5.
9 13
airheads are people into hard rock! knows how to party and have a good time! listens to bands such as megadeth, AC/DC etc
airheads : get the guitar n lets rock dude!!! *begins to head bang*
Beküldő: Poko 2005. szeptember 4.
5 23
people who insist eating ground beef despite what they know about mad cow
the airheads waited in vain for a cure
Beküldő: jett 2004. január 17.
5 25
airhead of poops a lot lalalaladkdfjalkdjfkdlsjf;kldsjkfljdsa
lalalala airhead laalallalalalal
Beküldő: owno 2005. szeptember 29.
3 25