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When you're listening to a really good song and can't decide what instrument to pretend to play, so you switch up every few seconds. Most common instruments include: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, drums, and keyboard.
I can't listen to Spraynard cuz I always start air banding really hard.

"I can't decide between picking the guitar, strumming the guitar, or drumming, so I'm just gonna air band."
"Dude, who CAN decide?"
Beküldő: lilokays 2010. április 19.
24 1
Like it's solo cousin, air guitar, an air band involves pretending to play musical instruments enthusiastically to recorded music. No actual instruments are involved.

Etymology: Scrubs.
Hey John, would you like to join my air band? We still need an air drummer and an air singer.
Beküldő: JellyandPB 2009. december 29.
11 9
Playing With Your Imaginary Penis
Chito was caught AirBanding in the bathroom because in fact he has a vagina...
Beküldő: JesusThaMuthafuckinChristMan 2009. július 19.
8 9
The epitome of wickedness.
"That was wicked!"
"Airbands wicked?"
Beküldő: PunkYardDog 2003. május 3.
3 7