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When used alone, this means a big ass round curly hair-do worn by blacks. If combined with another word it just means African.
Afro-American= African American
Beküldő: Andrewsky 2003. március 5.
226 147
Good place to hide things.
Today at school, I hid my girlfrined in my afro so we can talk.
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. október 28.
1187 249
The hairstyle many white people attempt to have, but in reality should never be worn by white people.
Hey, just stop and look in the mirror. You look like a damn fool.
Beküldő: Jesse Forristal 2005. augusztus 20.
795 284
A rounded thickly curled hairdo generally worn by african americans.
Raquim be growin' an afro.
Beküldő: skrilla 2003. február 15.
641 154
Natural hair for people of African Ancestory. Beautiful, and unique. Will come in many different textures. Endless styling possiblities. Can be brushed out, or worn close to the head.
More blacks should wear their natural Afro, instead of conforming to a western European standard of beauty.
Beküldő: Becca5487 2006. november 26.
545 157
big puffy hair
i cant find my fro pick
Beküldő: blade 2003. március 10.
406 139
Puffy hair made by African tribes in the late 1800's to hide primative missles.
Guy: We declare war on you African person

African: Oh Really? *missle launches from afro*
Beküldő: Bologurson 2006. október 19.
361 264
one of the coolest hairstyles known to man
*must never under any circumstances be worn by caucasians...it's called an "afro" for a reason.
"Blake wishes he could have an afro...too bad he's a cracker."
Beküldő: Robert plays drums 2008. március 24.
151 62