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British slang for "actually"
I'm acc so happy right now.
Beküldő: Pseudojimzz 2010. október 19.
Abbreviation for 'actually'.
It turned out that he was acc. going out with three girls at the same time.
Beküldő: Bouncing Rat 2007. október 1.
ass cunt connector. similar to the abc, ass ball connector, but on the female.
Jim: Then i moved up from her asshole across her acc to her cunt.
Bill: What the hell is an acc?
Jim: It's a girl's ass cunt connector.
Beküldő: Dancar 2007. november 26.
Atlantic Coast Conference the best college conference in the US esp for basketball!
UNC is going to win the ACC championship this year
Beküldő: raebaby8706 2005. február 6.
the initials of a fabtawesome ack(see definition 8) who is always HSS or HST!
she'll rock your socks any day!
bob:"accs is SO cool! i aspire to be just like her!"
sue:"i know! she is so cool it HURTS!"
jane:"no, she's even BETTER than that!"
Beküldő: brittany 2005. január 8.
Acronym for A-Cup Club, the group where most teenage girls belong with their flat-chested bodies.
"dude, you like that kylene chick?"
"yeah, she's so hot"
"..but she's in the ACC"
Beküldő: hotstufffff 2008. március 16.
Anti Chach Coalition
Join the Acc to get rid of all chaches
Beküldő: Nigelbaywood 2008. január 14.
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