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getting ready to do something.
"Hey man, I'm abousta to get up outta here!"
Beküldő: ATLhighgirl 2004. február 11.

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donkey punch
About to happen, or it will inevitably happen.
Bitch, you abousta be donkey punched if you keep runnin' yo mouth.
Beküldő: Chris in the cubicle farm 2004. február 11.
Used when conveying one's intention to perform a certain activity in the very near future.
I'm abousta slap yo mamma!
Beküldő: Jeff and JP 2004. február 12.
expressing the fact that a task is about to be preformed. Used uasualy by white trash and ghetto filth.
I am abousta take da transmition outta da tub sos i can take ma bath!
Beküldő: Norgab 2004. február 13.