You obviously love Oreos
Hey fat ass Yolo.
Beküldő: Jwinning 2015. augusztus 14.
if you don't know what this means... *Sigh* (You Only Live Once)
Arrived to class 2 minutes late. YOLO!!
Beküldő: UrbanDictionary01 2015. június 20.
Beküldő: Spiderman 2015. január 5.
A gay word used by fags meaning you only live once:yolo
random fag: Im gonna yolo this.

normal person: faggot!
Beküldő: Mystogan-shadowbane 2014. október 20.
An excuse for people to do dumb things. Translates to "you only live once" which is true. However, this is a surefire way to shorten that one life. Don't be stupid.
Dude Yolo right?
Go home.
Beküldő: LookUp123 2014. szeptember 27.
an informal greeting that effectively combines "Yo" and "Hello" into one simple phrase. Totally (and proudly) unaffiliated with YOLO (i.e. You Only Live Once).
Davis: Hey, whats up Reed?
Reed: Yolo, not much
Beküldő: realwordsrealproblems 2014. március 18.
You Obviously Love Opeth
Person 1: You have been to every Opeth concert this tour? Damn, YOLO.

Person 2: Indeed.

Person 1: Well they are a good band to follow, they are amazing.
Beküldő: Joe Mangina 2013. november 15.

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