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yohan a name given 2 an extremely brainy kool funny not 2 forget good lookin
safe bruv tht joke was heavy plus u is buff im gnanana call u yohan from na on init bare love 4 ya
Beküldő: markyeoman 2006. január 25.
A joking insult, it's similar to bitch, stupid or dork.
Can I have a beer?

No, ya yohan.
Beküldő: KittyKattMeow 2010. június 28.
rlly hotguy who is smart and funny. you can never get enough of him and you miss him when he is gone
"did you see yohan today?"

"totally, omg, i already miss him."

"yohan was BORN to wear SouthPole."
Beküldő: gerbilburble 2009. április 19.