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rlly hotguy who is smart and funny. you can never get enough of him and you miss him when he is gone
"did you see yohan today?"

"totally, omg, i already miss him."

"yohan was BORN to wear SouthPole."
Beküldő: gerbilburble 2009. április 19.
104 68
yohan a name given 2 an extremely brainy kool funny not 2 forget good lookin
safe bruv tht joke was heavy plus u is buff im gnanana call u yohan from na on init bare love 4 ya
Beküldő: markyeoman 2006. január 25.
73 63
A joking insult, it's similar to bitch, stupid or dork.
Can I have a beer?

No, ya yohan.
Beküldő: KittyKattMeow 2010. június 28.
58 50