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Yiddo is an anti-semitic term for a jew. From the Hebrew word "yiddish," Yiddo is usually used to show anger or hatred towards the Children of Israel for sneakyness or hoarding.

Also a colloquial term for a Tottenham Hotspur fan. A high proportion of the population of the Tottenham area of London are Jewish
"Those f*****g yiddos screwed me over again."

Never trust a yid.

Beküldő: Smiffy1989 2007. február 9.
A Jewish person. Variant of Yid.
look at that yiddo's big nose
Beküldő: y14 2004. december 20.
Tottenham Hotspur fan, as that is the team most Jews in London support.
Arsenal 3
Yiddos 0.
Beküldő: Desigol 2007. június 15.