a dude who can kick shaq's azz anytime!
yao ming just smoked shaq!!
Beküldő: ROY 2003. május 9.
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An increment of measure equal to 7 feet 5 inches or approximately 2.27 meters.
This room is 3 Yao Mings long.

Walk a few Yao Mings in these shoes and see how you like them.
Beküldő: Dan Drucker 2004. július 6.
A Chinese 7'5, 296 pound basketball player who plays center in the NBA for the Houston Rockets. He is pretty good for a person who only has one year experience.
Beküldő: Cool Guy 2003. július 18.
Best rookie in the NBA.
Beküldő: NBA man 2003. február 9.
the best muafuckin center in the nba who is better than shaq. he can shoot free throws unlike shaq. he can shoot from just inside the three point line unlike shaq. he has good footmovement unlike shaq. lets jus say dis he better than shaq.
Yao Ming is the best center in da nba
Beküldő: rockets fan 2004. március 17.
1)Basketball player
2)Short way of saying " you know what i mean"
That party was crunk yao ming?
Beküldő: Brittany 2004. december 12.
a tall man
Yo you like 7 foot 2, you yao ming
Beküldő: cnlballa 2003. október 11.

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