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People who intentionally ruins a DotA game by getting killed by the tower. This usually results in remaking.

That fucker pulled a wyatt on us last game... We better kick him.
Beküldő: mazzii 2008. december 5.
a bunny who lives in HoManTin, Hong Kong
omg! look at that wyatt!
Beküldő: haha 2005. január 12.
a confused young boy that thinks he is not a bro, but he actually is.
"I hate bros!"
"But your dressed like a bro?"
"Youre sush a wyatt."
Beküldő: listenn!!!!!!!!! 2009. január 22.
A term used to call someone or something a dumbass.
"dude you wyatt"
"we are such wyatts"
Beküldő: wyattspencer 2007. május 14.
the stupidest guy alive. he hates girls and loves men. he slanders and back bites to people. he is a beaner who swam to america. he kisses up to people who he doesnt even like. he is a snitch.
he is such a wyatt. dude dont be a wyatt. stop being a wyatt!
Beküldő: aklsjdfkjsad 2009. április 9.