black eyed peas main person
that black eyed peas guy a dude!
Beküldő: weez 2005. április 27.
ugly, the ugliest, or a word to describe an ugly person
"that guys so william, no wonder he has no mirrors in his house"
Beküldő: the master of fagina 2009. május 6.
a man who likes wearing dresses and fingernail polish
"My names william, and I like fingernail polish."
Beküldő: willdabeast95 2009. február 24.
The skin on a circumsized penis where the tip and the shaft meet, which is sensitive.
Damn baby, you need to stop touchin' my william! It stangs!
Beküldő: soloicanthearit 2007. december 17.
A name that is given to a boy who hates being called a weasel (even though he IS one!) and usually hates anyone by the name of tayla...."whistles while avopiding eye contact"
"Hello Wim! (william)"
"That's right, and you're a weasel!"
(a conversation we once had...)
Beküldő: Tayla Hutchinson 2007. augusztus 1.
Gay tight nerd with no friends usually playing with his small chode at recess
i hate those william kids they really jerk me off
Beküldő: aka ak 2008. július 10.
A complete wanker with no friends what so ever. Usually from New Zealand. Sometimes can be ugly but with out doubt smells really bad always.
You stupid bloody william
Beküldő: Matt Zhang 2006. május 9.

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