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A female or group of females who live in the wild and tend to hunt in packs. They prey on the male species and relentlessly eat your heart out of your loving chest.

They often lie, cheat, sleep with you post break up, or call to say that they are sleeping with another man. In order to survive an attack we suggest you fall to the ground and just hand over your wallet and sometimes in extreme cases years of your life.
Tom: So basically, I was going to marry my girlfriend until I found out she was a Whoreasaurus.

Matt: So wait...she's single now?
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Beküldő: KenSmokes 2010. április 29.
Anyone who is above and beyond being a white trash whore. This person may have a husband/wife and family, and a few men/woman, or suiters, on the sidelines of which he/she pretends they might marry someday after the "divorce" thats never going to happen, happens. This person will make everyones life a living hell about how their boy/girlfrind on the side might be into someone else. Or is sleeping with someone else.

Meanwhile this person likes to drag everyone else down with them at work and at home because they don't care about anyones life accept their own.
Also see slut, hoe, homewrecker
BLY ME!!! Get a good look at that Whoreasaurus!!"; or if the person is your boss: "Seriously if this whoreasaurus doesn't shut up about all the mes she's bangin i'm going to quit. She hasn't said one word about her kids in 3 months!
#whoreasaurus #white trash #slut #hoe #homewrecker
Beküldő: yasnoozeyalose6969 2010. július 26.
Stupid lying cunt that no one would probably miss if she died. Disgusting and probably has AIDS, Herpes, and Genital Warts.
Look at that disgusting whoreasaurus!
#disgusting #lying #cunt #ew #kill #yourself #stupid
Beküldő: love yah skank 2011. április 3.
The name for a girl who super "sleeps around" all across the land.
Slutty girls
#skank #hoe #sket #whore #slut
Beküldő: JJCanucks 2011. március 3.
A female, usually african amerian in complexion, that is extremely overweight and is down to engage in sexual activity. Most often, anytime a whoreasaurus decides to act in such manner she ends up getting laid.
Every party you go to I swear you always end up taking the whoreasaurus home.
#slut #black mamba #hoe #whoreasaurus #whore
Beküldő: antisoberistsociety 2010. május 29.
A hardcore whore who likes dinosaurs.
Becca is such a whore-a-saurus, did you see her at that party?
#whore #dinosaur #skank #bitch #slut
Beküldő: Tilica 2007. június 13.
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