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A legendary rock band. They wrote songs like "My Generation", "Love Rein O'er Me", "The Seeker", "Wont Get Fooled Again", "Baba O' Riley", and a bunch of other songs.
The Who
Beküldő: Qbert 2003. október 10.
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How the grammatically-challenged spell "whose."
Yo, who's car is dat?
Beküldő: Ollie the Dog 2003. december 30.
What my deaf Great Uncle always replies with when talked to.
Great Nephew: "Here micky, I got you some winegums in the shop!"

Great Uncle: "WHO??!!"
Beküldő: Nephew Stevenensoneon 2008. március 22.
the tiny little guys from Dr. Seuss's "Horton Hears a Who". All they wanted was some to listen to them.
wow, that thing is smaller than a Who!
Beküldő: ersher 2007. június 13.
Abbreviation for World Health Organization.
From QDB:

<Thumb> do you know of any major organizations that are similar the CDC?
<Lucent> who?
<Thumb> center for disease control
<Lucent> i said WHO
<Thumb> what? i'm asking you
<Lucent> World Health Organization
Beküldő: Wayne 2005. július 18.
Contraction for 'who is'.
They know who's coming but won't tell anybody.
Beküldő: Diggity Monkeez 2005. január 15.
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