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Another term use for a flavor cigar ,that is use to roll up a blunt.
SK: Yo Dave,what you doing tonight after work man?
DL: Man I don't know? I might go to da crib and make me a phat sandwich with that kush.
SK: YO sir, can I come over & hit that with you?
DL: Yea man. You got any wheat bread? Only honey man!
SK: Yea man I got a extra box in my car. We can use all of that tonigh man!
Beküldő: Shaunjon 2006. november 8.
a black person that acts white
Beküldő: Alysia, Katie and Montana 2003. április 14.
A whiney asian bitch who is half and half on white and asian... Usually named Bruce
Bruce, shut the fuck up you wheat bread bastard...
Beküldő: Slap Jackin 2004. október 10.