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1) Intellectually attractive woman.
2) Physically attractive woman.
3) Emotonally attractive woman.
4) Attractivve in all 3 major ways, yet not you are condemned to be 'just friends'
Person a: Oh man, she's perfect!
Person B: Oh yeah? So are you guys dating ow what?
Person A: Nah man, she's a total Wendy....ya know?
Person B: suxx0rz 2 b u l4m3r!!!11
Beküldő: M. Lienox 2003. december 17.
1945 921
Open late to serve stoners.
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. november 4.
1081 136
A very intelligent person, caregiver, beautiful.
Wow, what a Wendy.
Beküldő: Wendy Lane 2003. május 20.
1517 632
A sweet girl with a lot of heart. A Wendy also is the life of a party and everyone likes her.
Wendy is a sweet girl and is the life of a party!
Beküldő: Wendy 2004. január 1.
1595 732
The female of a small group of friends in which the rest are usually male. Stems from the first Wendy from Peter Pan in which the Lost Boys needed a chick to take care of them, but one that would fit in. A wendy nowadays is usually the chick hanging out with all the guys in that same fashion. Every guy group usually has one.
"Dude, that chick's hot."

"Yeah, but she's our wendy."
Beküldő: meowmixissexy 2009. június 21.
963 307
A wonderful person who gives their all into helping others when they are in need.
Wendy can be used to describe a girl who is well mannered, gentle, and intelligent.
Wendy can also be used to describe a girl who is wonderful in relationships or sought out by many men.
"Wow, that girl is a such a Wendy...what a beauty"
"She's such a Wendy. She volunteers to help out the homeless at the church every week."
Beküldő: Suuki 2007. október 18.
994 448
a good fast food restaurant where unlike mcdonalds their nuggets actually resemble chicken.
wanna go to mcdonalds and get some burgers?

no fuck mcdonalds wendys is where it's at.
Beküldő: online handle 2006. augusztus 28.
518 93