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Very charming, outgoing personality. Tough to figure out at first, however worth the effort in the long run.(usually a person)
Beküldő: Katerina 2003. október 14.
41 24
a sexual position, the meaning of which is having sexual relations in the backseat of a car.There are many variations such as the yellow webby, or doing it on a school bus, the black webby or doing it in a limo, and the red webby doing it on a firetruck. The blue webby, or on a snowmobile There is also the hot crossed webby which is a threesome in a backseat
whats that sound? Oh two people are webbying in that car.
Beküldő: jrfredrick 2011. január 16.
15 7
You find a Webby on the internet and he slowly worms his way into your heart until you couldn't imagine life without him.
OOOOoooh yay, I found a Webby
Beküldő: caroline 2004. június 11.
27 21
A slang term meaning "website".
The TV I wanted at Best Buy was not available in the store, so I purchased it on their webby.
Beküldő: former TRU employee VIII 2014. február 17.
1 0
website/Web site/web site/or, site
Today, I visited the webby of One Direction as well as the webby of The Wanted and found that both bands are boy bands/boybands from the United Kingdom!
Beküldő: Jesus Chameleon 2012. július 16.
0 1
a posh twat
shut up you webby
Beküldő: ka-u 2012. január 8.
0 2
Sneaky little critter that seems to always be around when carton fines are being paid, yet never seems to pay up on fines owed.
Mostly found in the south west region of West Australia, but has been known to dwell in inner Perth suburbs.
Mine sites the state around, have always had one species of the Webby or another.
These pests need to be eradicated to prevent them spreading and bringing this wonderful nation of ours into recession faster than Paul Keating saying " what do you mean we won??"
Beküldő: higginsville 2009. március 29.
5 7