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One who fails or becomes a failure on all accounts.
Waterboy, YOU SUCK!!!
Beküldő: steve bobby 2005. szeptember 12.
A hilarious Japanese movie about a group of high school boys who take up synchronized swimming. Made in 2001, it spawned a TV series in Japan by the same name.
Waterboys, a great movie to watch, no matter what language you speak.
Beküldő: KRHimself 2005. november 8.
A willing and sweet-natured boy who does for his peers.
Waterboy - fetch me a.....
Beküldő: Philonia Phalanges 2005. február 18.
Although the "official" definition is a person who takes care of the main free at a place of work
The "urban" meaning would be, a person who doesn't play an important role in a gig but adds like they're the shit, (acting like the core of something but withlittle to no contribution).
Jimmy is such a water boy
Beküldő: Dank420Weed 2016. július 20.
Aka Mark Richards... One who fetches water for the whole team
Mark says "who needs water"
Beküldő: Justin 2005. február 24.
its where you fucking tackle the shit out of some little fat ass
me tackling your little fat ass as in the movie waterboy
Beküldő: waterman bitch 2006. február 3.
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