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The most abundant substance on earth, yet it will cost you 14.99 if it's bottled in France. The secret is to get gay people to bottle it for you.
I just found a gay guy on the street, Im going to have him pour water from the faucet into various containers and sell them for 13.99.
Beküldő: DoubleR 2003. július 7.
another word for beer or an alcoholic drink.
"Man im so gone off this shit."
"Yea? Pass me the water."
Beküldő: fcknessa 2009. október 7.
another name for clear liq..
all for water cuz u know i'm thristy
Beküldő: VII Trump 2005. november 25.
Used to describe areas of maps that contain water in CS
You go DD, I'll go water.
Beküldő: Annonymous 2004. november 10.
A Female With Excellent Sex Skills.
Yo Man Her Pussy Is Water
Beküldő: TinkerBelen 2007. május 29.
1. weak beer.

2. american beer.
1. Coors light tastes like the can. It's fuckin water.

2. Don't give me that water.
Beküldő: atomicdave 2004. március 27.
fermaldahide sucked into a cigerette with pcp in it
ole boy is gone off that water water
Beküldő: splankinberry 2003. augusztus 11.