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A term for an immature vulva, before the labia have developed. Term derives from the similar appearance of a little girl's pussy to an uncracked walnut.
"I'm a virgin! Don't split my little walnut!" "Too late. You're the main ingredient of this Waldorf salad I'm making."
Beküldő: Ignominious Bob 2009. augusztus 25.
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A person who likes to shop or hang out at Wal-Mart a lot.
She is such a walnut.
Beküldő: Bed time 2010. március 31.
Another name for John McCain.
Did you see Walnuts' speech last night? You know, the one about inflation. Did he look dead to you or what?
Beküldő: Iacopus 2008. augusztus 8.
A nut
I like to eat walnuts
Beküldő: bill 2002. november 20.
Someone who is obsessed with walls.
My best friend is a walnut.
Beküldő: Nospmoht Fets 2005. január 29.

Kind of like nuts, but way more nuts.
Dude. That Ron Artest brawl the other night was freaking walnuts.
Beküldő: cgp24 2010. december 13.
When your nuts are a little sweaty so they stick to the side of your leg. The pre-cursor to itchy nuts.
"Dude, it's so hot in here I got the worst walnuts."
Beküldő: Jawn 2005. május 29.

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