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One of the worst places to shop on the planet. This place is always occupied by the lowest forms of American society. They include White-Trash rednecks, other slow Southerners, gangsta wannabes, and other fat ass or imbred pieces of shit from different races.
Mexicans also come here, but this is only because this is all these poor, hard-working, good people can afford.
Although these Wal-Mart stores are located everywhere, including the Northeast, most of them seem to be in the South and the southern Midwest (Indiana, Southern Ohio, Northern KY, etc.) The massive corporation is based in Bentonville, AR too. This explains why you see so many of these trashy, filthy people there. As many of the previous submitters have mentioned, Wal-Mart loves to run small-business owners out of business who have put their savings into running a business to serve their local community.
Tip: Never try using the komodes in Wal-Mart bathrooms. Don't do it before cleaning it with disinfecting spray, wiping down the seats, and putting on one of the paper toilet covers. Somehow it would seem easier to wear a condom, and take a new toilet seat in from the home furnishing department.
Beküldő: Ryan 2004. augusztus 11.
to put it simply the essence of hell
yes it is HELL
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. április 5.
who to blame when your job has been sent to Asia
I had a good paying job until Wal-Mart came to town, now I'm on welfare.
Beküldő: Ben Dover 2004. január 19.
The second institution in America to simultaniously destroy the economy, increase the gap between rich and poor, destroy the environment, and discriminate against women and blacks while relying on poorly educated rednecks to support them. The first was the Republican Party.
Hick: I loooove walmarts low prices!!!

Me: Well, walmart employees are encouraged to use government-funded medicare as their health insurance, meaning that all of that money you save magically disappears in your tax dollars!

Hick: Yeah... but they have $5 tee-shirts!

Me: Did you vote for Bush in 2004?

Hick: Man you're smart, how'd you know!
Beküldő: Anne Coulter 2008. június 17.
Melting pot of the worst human trash and stupidest people walking this Earth. A Walmart is also the number one spot for the ultimate People-Watching experience.
Frustrated White Trash Mother in Walmart: (says to her crying five year old son with scars and a mullet) "Put them back on the shelf, you know we can't afford no Lucky Charms!"
Beküldő: B3player89 2008. december 17.
A Holt Renfrew for the poor.
Paris Hilton: "Daddy, what's a Wal-mart?"

Mr. Hilton: "It's like a Holt Renfrew for the poor."
Beküldő: G-dog 2004. január 16.
The only place where you can buy underwear, Doritos, a fishing pole and Halo 3 at 2:00 AM.
Last night, I went to Walmart and bought a few random items.
Beküldő: Don't use your real name, son. 2009. június 29.