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A person with a lazy eye that looks at the wall.
Steve is a walleye, I can't tell if he's looking at me or the wall.
Beküldő: Mutchler 2006. január 21.
a fish related to the perch, freshwater and is very tasty
pass me that walleye; damn thats a good eating fish
Beküldő: cid 2004. július 9.
Another term used for a person who is cross eyed or has a disturbing lazy eye. One eye is looking at you and the other is looking at the wall, hence the term walleye.
Clarence was looking at Mark but his walleye was looking out the window at the lake that he wanted to fish in.
Beküldő: bukkake the porno clown 2007. november 2.
The condition of some chick who has one eye looking at you, and her other eye is looking at the wall. Kinda like being cross eyed except instead of the floating eye looking inward it looks outward.
Paris Hilton
Beküldő: smitty 2004. január 6.
A term for breasts that exhibit characteristics similar to that of a walleye fish head.Breast angle and nipple direction close to 180 degrees apart.
Did you se that chic's walleyes, she could probably tuck them under her arms
Beküldő: Adonis 2005. május 21.
When a man pulls his balls out of his pants through the zipper, and lets them hang out for lengths of time. Often used as a practical joke at party, church, or any other social event.
Dude, don't look now, but Gooch is pulling a walleye again.
Beküldő: Mad Dog Akron 2009. február 5.
Breasts on a female that are so obviously fake and far apart that they look like "eyes" on a wall.
John: "Dude, that stripper's tits are SO fake."

Dave: "I know man, she's got wall eyes."
Beküldő: JimmyTheHand 2009. szeptember 20.