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"Vice-President I'd Like (to) Fuck"

Expansion of the word MILF.
Sarah Palin is such a VPILF. Dude! Did you know she was damn near Miss Alaska? Total VPILF!
Beküldő: electricsushi 2008. augusztus 30.
Vice President I'd Like to Fuck
(variation of MILF)
McCain's running mate is a total VPILF
Beküldő: Zaphod314 2008. augusztus 29.
"Vice President I'd Like to Fuck"

Similar to a milf, dilf, or pilf, but referring specifically to a Vice President, former Vice President, or Vice Presidental candidate.

Might have come to popularity because of
Example: John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin
Usage: "Al Gore was such a VPILF."
Beküldő: Primalmoon 2008. augusztus 29.
Vice President I'd like to fuck.
Sarah Palin is a total vpilf!
Beküldő: Plol 2008. szeptember 19.
Recognizing her beauty pageant past and as a hockey mom, refers to Republican Vice Presidential candidate, Sarah Palin, as the VPILF, the Vice President I'd like to F*CK.
Dude, Sarah Palin is hot. Definitely - VPILF material.
Beküldő: jdisco 2008. szeptember 16.
Similar to milf, what Sarah Palin will be if she becomes the next Vice President of the United States. She'll be a heartbeat away from becoming a pilf.
"That Sarah Palin is a smokin' vpilf"
Beküldő: ben012886 2008. szeptember 15.
(n). Vice President I'd Like To Fuck
Sarah Palin is a VPILF yo.
Beküldő: abc123dfdsfafddafs 2008. szeptember 12.