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A word used by men to imply women. Basicly the V being the pussy, and the two O's being the boobs.
You must be a gay man not to like voo
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. október 9.
A vuvuzela, that annoyingly loud, long, usually plastic, trumpet that one hears at parades, demonstrations, and sporting events, and on New Year's Eve.
I almost lost my hearing when that asshole blew his voo near my ear.
Beküldő: pentozali 2010. december 12.
Mostly slang for vagina, but also referencing the female anatomy in general.
My voo is itchy.

I am going to the Ob/Gyn today for my annual voo check appointment.
Beküldő: Moober Martha 2008. január 30.
l33t hax0r
i r teh l33t hax0r
Beküldő: Voo :) 2003. május 6.
The shitest, most crapest word in the dictionary, infact its exsitence in meer that of an old man who felt pitty
omfg voo is so shit
Beküldő: a magical being 2003. június 11.
as in deja vu
got a touch of the voos mate
Beküldő: Sandra 2004. február 20.
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