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The most beautiful, intelligent (usually suppressed), all around amazing girl one could ever come into contact with.
The type of girl, which when one becomes separated from, cannot stop thinking about.
She's the kind of girl that one can only long for in a sense of accompaniment.
For a girl by this name can and never will be gained, but only lost by the likes of the author.

Any form of contact with Verity, pulls me from my state of depression.
#verity #amazing #beautiful #gorgeous #total package
Beküldő: ex_nihilo 2009. április 28.
Code name for a chick that takes more than 5 cocks at once
Hey dude that bitch is a verity I have seen the pix.
#gutter slut #cum dumpster #slut #skank #fuck.
Beküldő: K111A222L333E444D555 2006. május 16.
Term for a white girl with huge arse that looks like it should belong to a black girl.
"Jesus that white chick is such a verity!"
#black arse #verity #big arse #butt #shadow maker
Beküldő: jcjizzle 2008. október 22.
The most incredible and gorgeous girlfriend a guy could ever hope to have, every day spent away from her is agony.
Despite her best attempts, she is unable to prevent several cute idiosyncrasies.
Also, a Verity is often amazing in bed :P.
My Verity makes me so happy!
#girlfriend #verity #best #amazing #love #ever
Beküldő: toml42 2008. december 7.
To shit pure chocolate
''Oh shit, I just went the bog and laid down a massive Verity''
#chocolate shit #shit #brown #poo #log
Beküldő: GrannyFanny 2008. június 16.
One with the ability to pull whomever she wants, be it a girl, boy, even a famous sportsperson. Often found to have a large array of chat up lines, with her specialty being related to her ability to pole dance.
Man, that girl is such a Verity, we've only just got here and she's already pulled the fittest guy!
#vezza #vez #v-dog #veritie #veritee
Beküldő: Trago Mills 2012. január 17.
The meaning of Verity is 'truth'

An honest, bubbly, beautiful girl.

Her eyes are hypnotising and she has a great sense of humour and you can talk to her about anything. She won't breathe a word about it or bitch. She is a great mate and very talented in many areas, including the bedroom.
Verity: "You can talk to me about anything"

Person: "Is your name Verity?"
#humour #truth #beautiful #verity #bedroom
Beküldő: Nicety13 2011. december 3.
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