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Thats when youre Vagina becomes moist after a sneeze, sexual intercourse, laugh, orgasmic experience!
Wow, you just made me vagizzle.
Beküldő: Glox18 2010. november 12.
itching of the vagina or vaginal area.
Yo' my vag-izzle izzles.
Whats the fuck does that mean?
It means my vagina itches off the heezy fo' sheezy.
Dude thats fucking nasty, I didn't even know you had a vagina.
Oh, oops.
Beküldő: Steve McTide 2005. március 18.
/n/ vagina
I put my dizzle in her vagizzle, my nizzle.
Beküldő: WaxBoy 2003. október 1.
Noun/Adjective: Vagizzle- A slang term for the word vagina. Also used to call someone a pussy and/or weak.
Wowzers Mary has a nice Vagizzle!
Beküldő: Mattoxic1888 2009. április 9.
Referring to a woman's genitals.
Guy1: Dang yo fo shizzle ma nizzle
Guy2: Up the big hairy cow vagizzle
Beküldő: Seanoplanklichvampwood 2005. augusztus 4.