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Very Superior Old Pale (cognac)
I want a remy martin VSOP.
Beküldő: Eric 2005. február 1.
Definition: Very Special Other Person...(what is meant by phrase used in R&B singer, K. Michelle's song.
Sentence: I'm going to be spending my evening with my V.S.O.P.
Beküldő: Lady Mikko 2013. október 22.
Stands for Very Special Old Pale/Particular. Usually a mark designating the the cognac inside is of 20-25 year old stock. A step above any cognac marked VS.
I got some VSOP chillin' on the rocks.
Beküldő: GrahamK 2005. szeptember 3.
Very Superior Old Pale (cognac)
vsop got me off the chain FROM PLIES SONG DAT B**CH
Beküldő: britt britt 2008. augusztus 24.
Very Special Old Pussy
An older woman who's still hot.
Anthony's mom is VSOP, I'd throw it in her in an instant
Beküldő: JSmith 2005. február 7.