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Person so horrifyingly ugly that any normal looking person who dares even glance at them will become sick on sight. Only can be viewed by other uglos and whales See Amannda
Beküldő: Anonymous 2003. július 15.
A mix between and ugly person and a lamo.
Me: Your such an uglo!
#ugly #lamo #uglo #little #me.
Beküldő: pimptastic! 2008. január 17.
Male version of ugla, see ugla.
Kid 1: Give me your lunch money!
Kid 2: Hell no Uglo!
#ugly #unattractive #unappealing #not handsome #rude male
Beküldő: sallaD:^) 2010. február 6.
Uglo - a combination of ugly and glow.

Someone so unattractive they glow in the dark. Even turning the lights off does not help.
Jack: Did you go home with Rachel last night?
Bubba: No ways bro, that girl is bona fide uglo!
#ugly #whale #unattractive #fatty #grenade
Beküldő: realname420 2011. december 1.
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