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Horny, aroused, sexually frustrated. Possibly limited only to females.
"But I was feeling so twirly!" as said by the perfect female specimen that is Zooey Deschanel as Jess on New Girl
Beküldő: Fart Monkey 2012. február 25.
Excited not only sexually, but also emotionally. The feeling of being horny and giddy at the same time.
Guy 1- "When you go out you don't take home the first girl you talk to just because she makes you all horny."
Guy 2- "It's not just that she's hot, she gives me the feels. Most girls don't make me feel anything. That girl makes me twirly."
Beküldő: Natelist 2015. augusztus 6.
Horny, frisky, in need of a good ride.

First seen in an episode of New Girl.
Jess: "I'm sooooo twirlyyyyyy"
Nick: "What does that even mean?!"
Jess: "You knowwww, twirlyyyyyyy"
Beküldő: Jordanzy 2012. április 4.
cute girl word for horny.
yo that dude's real hot. I be twirly.
Beküldő: hippos like to doodle 2012. február 28.
A twirly is what it is called when the cock is "twirled" in a circular motion, traditionally with the index finger. It can either be self-administered, or performed by an intimate partner. A classic rendition is the reach-around twirly. This happens when, of two homosexual males, the giver of ass-sex, reaches around, and twirls the receiver's cock.
"Yo, Tommy, what are you up to tonight?"
"I'll probably just sit in front of the computer and twirl it to A Night in Paris for a couple of hours." (heterosexual).

"Oh, yesss, ass-sexxxx."
"You want a twirly with that?"
"Shit yeah I do!"
"Good, 'cause I've been working out my indexes."
"Well, then twirl away motherfucker!" (homosexual).
Beküldő: Thomas Milne 2005. március 9.
Oral Sex to a male
"She went down and gave me a twirly"
Beküldő: KG 2003. augusztus 30.
A single word combining 2 words: "too" and "early"! hence: "twirly"!
People tend to put up Christmas lights way twirly even b4 Thanksgiving starts. And it is rather annoying at times.
Beküldő: Speedyagt 2010. november 26.

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