Another way of saying "fucked up." To be drunk or high or any other impairing decision that could be made at any given time. Associated with getting "turnt up," and "turn up!"
Dude, I wanna get turnt this Friday.

I am so turnt.
Beküldő: sunjull 2014. május 20.
Short for "Turned up"

Feeling so swag and crunk (NOT DRUNK)
Man I'm hella turnt rn
Beküldő: nothannahmontana 2014. január 14.
to be happy
i get turnt everyday
Beküldő: ktenhoward 2015. május 26.
Fucked up, drunk, high, wasted
I'm so Turnt.
Beküldő: Turnt 2015. február 8.
To have anal with another man
"Not to sound gay, but noah and I got turnt"
"I just got turnt with noah last night"
"Daddy, I got turnt last night" "Sit down, son and explain" "I can't my anus hurts!"
Beküldő: AGOOGA 2015. május 11.
To be simultaneously drunk and high. Reserved for party situations primarily.
"Dude, I was so turnt last night!"
"Party on, excellent!"
Beküldő: awesomo400000 2014. február 19.
1) Fucked up
2) Horney
1) We turnt up, breakin tables and shit

2) She turnt, dancin on him like that
Beküldő: Sone 2015. január 19.

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