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When a person takes a fat pull of liquor, then takes a shot of that liquor, then chases with a mixed drink.
Dude he almost died, he did a Triple Threat and couldn't even go out for the night
Beküldő: dgro77 2013. február 5.
208 20
Beautiful Face, Body and Personality.
"Wow, Julie is a triple threat, that's why all of the guys fall for her."
Beküldő: LSU Tigers 2011. november 4.
144 46
A person who excels in singing, acting AND dancing.
Jennifer Lopez, though obnoxious, is a triple threat.
Beküldő: gab 2005. március 29.
195 126
Having oral, anal, and vaginal sex with a girl in the same session. Often she may prefer a particular order.
"I gave her the triple threat last night."
Beküldő: zetapi314 2007. október 19.
128 91
Los Angeles term refering to a person who can act, sing, and dance well. Probably the least threating person you will ever meet.
Victor was a Triple Threat. He could sing, dance, and act; but he could not watch go to a bar.
Beküldő: Zombie of Belushi 2010. január 2.
36 21
Porking the juicebox. Flicking the Bean. Spitting on the slit.
Andy put the triple threat on this turkey head last night. His neighbors could hear her yelling and him responding with a GEET.
Beküldő: Ram Horn the Big Nig 2010. június 24.
64 50
Hitting marijuana from a bowl three times before exhaling.
Wesley: oh my gawhd, hitt this shit three times in a row!
Tyler: damn that hitts harder than a bihhh!
Brendan: yeah that shit is crazy.
Wesley: I'm a call it a triple threat.....
Beküldő: stoneypony1 2013. augusztus 21.
6 1