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1) To lick, and pleasure the anus
2) To mix chopped up marijuana with chopped up hash bricks.
3) To mix various vegetables, beans, pastas or fruits into a single dish.
Toss the salad, Bitch.
Are you going to toss that salad or what? I want to get high.
I hope mom finishes tossing that salad soon, I'm hungry.
Beküldő: Acephalous 2004. szeptember 21.
886 330
Eating out a butthole.
Toss my salad, please!
Beküldő: anonymous 2003. január 30.
600 270
eating a bunghole
"You know what they make you do in County? Toss the Salad!!"

Beküldő: Jay and Silent Bob 2003. szeptember 6.
303 210
To perform the act of eating out an asshole, usually in prison, with either jelly or syrup.
Interviewer: What do you do to the new guys, you know, the fresh meat.

Inmate: I make those bitches toss my salad.
Beküldő: the Pope 2004. október 5.
351 262
When you lick inside the asshole.
Gross, my cat just tossed his own salad! He just bent over, and he Toss The Salad!
Beküldő: LinkFan64 2006. szeptember 26.
97 57
to lick a butthole. Usually done to newcomers in jail.
In jail they make the newcomers toss the salad
Beküldő: LilJOnwhattt: 2005. július 27.
184 157
To have your ass eaten out. We don't need the death penalty, we got the Toss Salad Man.
Toss the Salad? What's that?

Well, havin' yo' salad tossed, means havin' yo' asshole eaten out with jelly or syrup. Ah prefer syrup.
Beküldő: ZhugeMarc 2008. március 13.
98 81