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A really fat ugly bitch that thinks she's hot.
Dude, that fatass torta is lookin at you
Beküldő: furynator3000 2009. augusztus 6.
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The one fat bitch that hangs out with good looking bitches.
Fuck, that TORTA broke my fuckin' chair again.
Beküldő: Lil Man 2003. július 17.
A fat cumdumpster (woman) they are notorious for being conceited and thinking that they weigh 200 lbs less than they do.
Orale esse! Cuidado con esa torta!
Beküldő: Nigga12 2008. november 13.
A woman who is obese
My husband cheated on me with a torta
Beküldő: Miss Edis 2010. november 18.
a person thats always eating and never seams to get full
boy-"i want a sandwich"
girl-"wtf? didnt you just eat!"
girl-"your a freakin torta you know that!"
Beküldő: BaBeLocs 2008. július 23.
Filipino slang: Sexual intercourse; to fuck; to screw;

will fuck - Totortahin
is fucking - Tumutorta
was fucked - Tinorta
I want a good TORTA tonight.

"Totortahin kita!" - i will fuck you!
"Tumutorta si Paulo" - Paulo is busy fucking
Beküldő: Torta Surf Crew 2009. október 2.
Monica Lewinsky
I'll tapitytaptap that Lewinsky torta.
Beküldő: DJ LATIN 2003. szeptember 10.

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