Being thirsty AND starving at the same time.

Thirst(THIRSTy)-ation(starvATION)... THIRSTATION

Yo man, I'm dyin of thirstation!
Beküldő: TrikkiNikki22 2010. január 20.
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I feeling of extreme thirst.
I am dying of thirstation.
Beküldő: LGBrit 2007. augusztus 15.
When your dying of thirst
I need a drink, i'm dying of thristation!
Beküldő: Carly 2004. február 25.
When you are thirsty and starving for water, the combination of those 2 words would be "thirstation" as in being super extremely thirsty.
Doe: I just ran 5 miles, and i'm dying of thirstation ! !

Clo: ummmm, you can't run 5 blocks you ass clown ! ! and

thirstation isn't a word ! !

Doe: Ok, so I didn't run 5 miles, but it felt like 5 miles ! and thirstation is a word ! ! I learned it in like 5th grade Bitch ! !
Beküldő: doerida 2013. január 24.
the state of being deprived of water or any other liquid
Michael was lost in the desert and died of thirstation two days later.
Beküldő: Brian Nelson 2007. szeptember 3.

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