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Your house or a friends house
Carl: Yo! We finna hit up The Hut after this?

Joe Thizzelle: Fasho my ninja
Beküldő: PEN0RBUTTER 2008. április 3.
Pizza Hut. Oftened referred to as, "The Hut" by employees.
Friend: "Dude, gotta come out tonight!"
Pizza Slut: "Can't man, working at The Hut."
Beküldő: The Original Pizza Slut 2010. május 13.
an expression used for a woman that is on her period. Derived from traditional tribal segregation of the women who were bleeding from the hut they shared with their men. Men would cast menstruating women into another hut until they were finished their periods.
I can't fuck you cause you belong in the hut.
Beküldő: Raegan 2008. január 12.