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Saddle Creek band. Techno-indie.
Beküldő: jaybee 2003. október 2.
second greatest band ever from Omaha, NB.
dance punk is sweeping the nation!
Beküldő: kindgeezer 2004. október 18.
Greatest band from Omaha EVER to exist..
Bright Eyes is just not that good, sorry folks.
Beküldő: BriVeegs 2005. augusztus 24.
Great band, with the best known song "I disappear", which pretty much got old after 2 days. Some of my favorite songs from them are: Agenda Suicide, Glass danse, and Dust.
-No need for more words-
Beküldő: Fuckthepainaway 2005. február 16.
Best thing to come out of Nebraska since Kool-Aid.
The Conductor and Southern bells all the way baby!

The Faint
Beküldő: addyAddict 2009. április 13.