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Whilst fisting your partner, you extend all 5 fingers mimicing the act of the death star exploding.
"Dude, my girlfriend was pissing me off all day so I gave her the Death Star and sent her to the hospital."
Beküldő: The DeathChip 2013. szeptember 29.
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Destroying the death star or doing the death star relates to the act of having sex with a fat girl. She has to be big enough though to acquire the nickname death star.
Dude I got destroyed by the death star last night.
Beküldő: Moonyurmum 2011. április 7.
6 2
The act of having anal sex with your girlfriend and then stepping back 6 feet while her anus is still dilated and trying to hit the hole like Luke did when he destroyed the Death Star.
I sware to god my girlfriends ass was so wide I couldve pulled The Death Star.
Beküldő: J Sanctuary 2009. május 14.
6 3
To perform a hand-stand on top of a toilet, naked. Must be followed by explosive diarrhea. Paint the walls. Enjoy! Not recommended with a shirt and tie on.
Man, this is my last day of work. I fini give this place the death star before I leave up outta here.
Beküldő: Andy Gallowaaay 2007. október 24.
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