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An expression, derived from thank-you, to express appriciation.
Hey, thanks for the gift!
Beküldő: Freak Obscene 2004. április 29.
How to thank someone who doesn't deserve the 'S' at the end of 'Thanks' or the 'You' at the end of 'Thank you.' A sarcastic 'Thank you'.
"I moved your car, but it got towed."

Beküldő: Ryan P. Cooke 2007. december 1.
Short for "Thank you". Used to express gratitude to someone for their actions.
Britta: (conducting marching band) Horns, ready, UP!

Everybody: Thanks Britta!
Beküldő: percussionist69 2011. október 31.
Something you say when you get something you don't really deserve.
Beküldő: bobjoebobjoejoebobjoebobjoejoe 2011. március 1.
Along with other terms such as thank you, ty, thnx, thanx, and tyvm (The latter 3 being used frequently in chatspeak), a way of showing gratitude for a gift or a favor/service done for you. The shortened form of "Thank you" used in informal situations, such as when talking with close friends or classmates.
"Hey John, I picked you up a couple of sandwiches and a bottle of Coke for later." "Thanks, Tom."
Beküldő: Chaos6773 2012. január 4.
What You Say When You Get Nervouse
*bill is trying to hit on a Rhi*

Bill:Can You Plz Pass The Suger.

Rhi: Sure, Here You Go.

Bill *Thinking: should i say thanks or thank you

Bill: Thank

*rhi leaves*
Beküldő: Guess where i am? 2006. október 31.
Used by idiots for "Hello", or "Hey, do you think you could do me a favour?".
*in World of Warcraft*

Player X has opened a trade with you.
Player X whispers: thank
Beküldő: care? 2006. október 15.