Person who is always changing his or her mind and agreeing with anybody who makes even a vague point even if it seems obsurdly incorrect. This person may also have mental deficiencies which could explain thier indecisive nature.
Stop changing your mind you terra, its very annoying.

Further example;

"George Bush is one of the worst presidents ever!"

"I dont think he is"

"You're right, i agree wholeheartedly"
#retard #indecisive #stupid #agreeable #argue
Beküldő: Trifector 2007. december 7.
Someone suffering from severe constipation and erectile dysfunction.
"Dude, that terra spent 3 hours on the toilet."
#terra #viagra #constipation #erectile #dysfunction
Beküldő: Bobett 2008. január 16.
bitch from Teen Titans that petrified herself.
me:die bitch!!!
Beküldő: raven 2005. február 4.
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