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Teddy Tiara is a famous online personality. He is the pinnacle of manliness. His trademark, a tiara with pink fluffy stuff (though the pink stuff got ripped off), represents this manliness very well. His diet consists of peroxide and razors, and he flosses after every meal. He has a lock of hair that he cut two years ago and he still has it. He’s so famous he never has to get out of his pajamas. Except to go to Walmart to wreak havoc. He only has two toes on his right foot.

A very good story about him: Teddy was in restaurant eating and there was a lady sitting across them in a booth. She had a big ass. Like. HUGE. Anyway, the lady got up and left. Because Teddy was sitting at a table near the window at the front of the shop, he could see clearly outside. The lady had parked her car right outside. Teddy glanced at her rolls and cellulite and was ultimately disgusted. He then told his mother, very loudly, that that was the reason he was gay. And the whole restaurant heard. Go him.

His YouTube videos, viewable at, are awesome and creative. They include a phone call from Jeffree Star and some Walmart havoc.

He does live shows on his Stickam, viewable there or on his MySpace: Though many times you may catch him sleeping or eating, he does do other things. He dances with his sister, puts on makeup (though he tends to obsess over it and touch it too much), drink red stuff, run outside, jump out his window or whatever suits his fancy.
Teddy Tiara: Fuck socks and sandals, bitch!

Person: Did you watch Teddy Tiara last night?
Other: No, where?
Person: He's hilarious!
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Beküldő: SwoonForMe 2007. július 20.
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